What we do

Face2Face Technologies, Inc is the brain child of a long time Hospice volunteer, who witnessed the benefits first hand, of providing quality video chats between family members who were unable to travel due to economic and health related issues. Along with his partner, they developed the idea for Face2Face, with their eye on ease of use, a confidential and companionate Internet based venue, and addressing the needs of both new and experienced users of Internet technology and computers.

Simplification is the key. Technology is daunting enough, so our goal is to make it as simple as a normal telephone call. We provide a completely turnkey package, no matter how experienced or inexperience you might be. We've also done the same for Hospice organizations around the country.

If your Hospice provider currently doesn't offer our service, suggest that they contact us to get the details. It only takes a few minutes to give them an overview of what is provided.

 Family Flyer       

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