Giving back to the community

Part of the mission of Face2Face Technologies, Inc. is to find way of giving back to the community. Our employees provide youth mentoring, youth homeless shelter assistance and other services to help out those less fortunate. Another offering to Hospice organizations is to let them accumulate free conversation credits to offer families experiencing financial difficulty, whether it's the family member on Hospice or a long distance member wishing to communicate with their loved one.

Each time you purchase and use our service, your participating Hospice builds their bank of free time to offer to less fortunate families experiencing the same end of life circumstance.

There are other ways to personally contribute to benefit Hospice organizations. Since many are non-profit organizations, they also rely on direct donations to help offset the cost of care. Consider making a small contribution directly to the Hospice caring for your family member or friend. They will certainly make good use of these additional funds and in most cases, you’ll enjoy the fact that you provided direct help to those who provide end of life care.
Also consider becoming a Hospice Volunteer in your own area. Volunteers are always needed to perform a variety of service including caregiver respite, transportation, meal preparation and many more non-medical services that patients often need. You can even become the volunteer who performs the Face2Face Technologies services to patients.
To find a local Hospice in your area, check out the link below,

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

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