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Dick Leonis – Face2Face Technologies, Inc. is the brainchild of Dick Leonis. After spending many years involved in Marketing, Advertising and DME sales, Dick came upon the idea of offering Hospice patients something that was missing in the end of life care. That was being able to have private and personal video conferences with distant family members that are unable to travel. As a Hospice Volunteer, Dick has preformed this service, and thought it was something that other Hospice patients would enjoy having available.

With the help of fellow Team members, the idea took form and became our company. Always with an eye and interest in technology, we refined the idea and created services to make it simple for both patients and families.

Dale “Gene” Copley Jr. – I was born in Reno NV more than a couple of years ago.  Now I am a proud father of two wonderful children and the lucky recipient of the affection of the best wife God could have given me.  Throughout my life I have had so many great people to give credit (or blame) to, my grandfather who stepped in when my father left.  He taught me about life and so much more.

I spent three years in the army with the 101st I had an instructor in Panama that put it in perspective “this is an experience that you would not trade for a million dollars nor do again for two million”.  I met some great people, and to know them has been one of my greatest pleasures.

Bringing this all together and with the support of my wife in 1996 I started Quizno’s a little known deli at that time, which quickly grew into three stores.  My next venture was a truck and RV repair shop with a friend of mine we are still open.  The last business I opened was an Ink and toner company.

Through it all I have learned a lot that college somehow did not find important enough to teach me when I was studying Business Management.

This is a great opportunity for me to have a business that I can help people, make money, and be able to take my dog to work.

My favorite saying comes from a quote my grandfather told me:

“All it takes for Evil to thrive is for Good people to do NOTHING”


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