10 things to consider before a conference

1. Make sure that no other applications are using the camera feed (MSN messenger, Camera Software etc) before you log into your meeting.

2. Use a headset if possible as it will reduce many issues that may arise.

3. Make sure all the Participants have the equipment they will need for the meeting setup properly PRIOR to beginning. Make sure each has visited the site to test their internet connection, if not visit http://www.face2facetechnologies.com/test. This will help to confirm that you have the proper sittings and download speeds to prevent problems. Not having to troubleshoot video or audio problems during the meeting will make the experience better for everyone involved.

4. Position the camera so that there are no lights behind you which will cause a glare.

5. Test thoroughly beforehand!

6. Make sure you have the latest versions of both your browser and of the Adobe Flash Player. You can check www.adobe.com for the newest version of Flash Player it is free.

7. Clear your browser cache of old files and all applications that are not essential to your conference. If you have any questions about cleaning up your internet browser please follow the instructions on www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser's-Cache

8. Always make sure to select 'ALLOW' if the Flash Player Settings box prompts you before you join a video conference. This is important, if you select 'DENY' then NO feeds (Video/Audio/SMD) will function in the conference!

9. Mute your cell phone, landline, Blackberry and other devices that can interrupt your meeting.

10. The set default is the hold-to-talk 'Hold to Transmit' button which by pressing and holding allows you to transmit audio to everyone in the conference. By clicking the 'Lock' button you are opening your audio up to 'full duplex' audio, which means you may speak freely and receive audio freely without the need to press the 'Hold to Transmit' button. (It is strongly recommended that you use a headset with a built in microphone, as a headset eliminates most problems associated with echoing). If you are experiencing a large number of problems, we recommend switching all users in the meeting to a headset configuration.

11. Your laptop needs to breathe place it where air can circulate under the machine.


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